Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Show Plants No. 3

Agave  'Kisho Kan'

This is a Japanese cultivar that I've only had for a few years.  This was the first time I entered it in the show and it won first place in the Agave Section.   It is an attractive plant, and smaller than many of the other agaves.  I particularly like the fact that it doesn't produce a lot of offsets, which can rapidly destroy the symmetry of the smaller agaves.  Agave 'Kisho Kan' is easy to grow providing you provide a very sunny location, a well drained potting mix, and plenty of summer water.  



  1. Thanks EllieT,

    While the important part of our show is to display plants new to the visitors and maybe encourage them to try growing them, it's always nice to be recognized as growing a nice plant. Actually the real pain of the show is transporting the plants to and from the show. The show location is 110 km from where I live and that's a long ride with a truck full of your best plants.