Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lithops Up Close

Lithops  fulviceps  

I have a lot of plants.  That's nice, because it allows me to grow and experience a wide range of different cacti and other succulents.  However, it also means there are so many plants to care for that it is difficult to spend time with any one individual plant.  That's not nice.  For the past several years I have enjoy my plants en masse, but missed the individuals.  Within the last few months I have realized that I am missing out on really seeing, and enjoying my plants as individuals.  Today I got up close and personal with one of my Lithops fulviceps.  I had forgotten how attractive this species can be, especially when it is endowed with a grand network of wonderful red lightning bolt streaks that dance between the bluish-gray warts.  Beautiful in every sense of the word.   


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sanny. It's still young, this is its third year, so it probably won't flower until next year.

  2. I have found taking photographs this year has resulted in looking at my plants close up. Very rewarding. It is also good to look at the plants through a hand lens.

    1. I should use my hand lens more often. I generally only use it when checking plants for mites. I'm going to try and photograph all of my lithops and make a powerpoint presentation. It will be a visual way to catalogue my lithops.

  3. That is one lovely Lithops! I don't have any of this species, so it's good to see one up close. Great pattern.

  4. Thank you Marla. I'm experiencing a revitalization of interest in my lithops this summer which is fun. Sometimes you forget just how beautiful they are up close and personal. :)

  5. Ah the dotty fulvi glory :) How does nature produce these things?
    I've always liked them. You have a nicely developed 3 year old. All dots and lines are in place and such a pleasure to the eye.