Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 NCCSS Show Plants No. 4

Lithops Collection


Our (National Capital Cactus and Succulent Society) Annual Show has an entry category called "Collections" in which groups of related plants are entered.  Since we have very few lithops growers in the society, I always try to enter a 'collection' of my lithops.  Lithops are always popular with show visitors, many experiencing them for the first time.  Young visitors are particularly excited by these 'stone-like' living things, while it sometimes takes a bit of convincing for older visitors to believe they really are plants.  
Clockwise from upper left, Lithops dorotheae, Lithops karasmontana,  Lithops lesliei var. hornii, Lithops bromfieldii var. insularis, Lithops bromfieldii, Lithops lesliei var. venteri
Included as part of the entry was information describing lithops, their morphology, growth cycle, and native habitats.  One of the great enjoyments of the annual show is discussing the wonderful world of succulent plants, including lithops, with the show visitors, many of whom have never seen these strange and unusual plants.   


  1. You go, Lithops Guy! Have a wonderful time at the show!

  2. Thanks Marla, I did have a good time. The show was August 2-4, 2013. We had about 250 show plants and a lot of small plants for sale. The show and sale has been held at the same location for the past 20 years so we have an established following and they buy plants by the box full. I had a number of pots of older lithops (5 to 8 years old)that I had grown from seed and put 18 of them on the sales table and they were all sold. I wish them all well. I really needed to free up some space here at home. Right now we are in rainland here in southern Maryland, 4 inches of rain just today from one thunderstorm after another. You'd think I was in Florida! ;-)

  3. Hi

    Always good to find someone enthusiastic about Lithops. Please see some photos I have posted

  4. Thanks Alain. I'll certainly check out your blog. While I have a mixed collection of cacti and other succulents, lithops have always been one of my favorites.

  5. Oh my, beautiful plants! Can't even say which one(s) I like the most!! Lesliei maybe, with their lovely markings (I'm a lesliei girl). But really, impossile to tell :)
    Thank you for sharing the photo. The plants deserve all the awards!

  6. Great plants Bob. That top purple ribbon looks nice! :)