Saturday, May 25, 2013

Porch Plants

Summer quarters for my primary collection of cacti and other succulents is a small porch, shown at left.  These plants are my Permanent Collection Plants.  I have divided my C&S collection into three groups.  My older, nicer plants are in the Permanent Collection Group.  Plants I use for propagation purposes, to produce cuttings, divisions, or seed, are in the Propagation Group.  Plants I intend to sell or give away as part of activities of the National Capital Cactus and Succulent Society,  which I belong to, are in the Sales & Giveaway Group. 
  I keep records of the plants in the Permanent Collection Group.  I enjoy knowing the history of these plants, such as when and how I acquired them, when they first flowered, and when I lost them.  Yes, I have had quite a few plants move on to that Great Compost Pile in the Sky, but I keep their records, which usually includes a photo, and  enjoy looking back at plants of the past. 

I plan to use this blog as another method of recording information and images of these plants.  I will also discuss plants in the Propagation Group and Sales & Giveaway Group. 


  1. Holy crap I am green with envy!
    I started my "collection" only 2 years ago, and already have had many losses for several reasons, but I am slowly building back up and beyond.
    This coming weekend is the Toronto Cactus Society show, I'm excited to pick up some new specimens!

  2. Hi Ellie T! We all have losses. The plants I've seen on your blog look great for only collecting for 2 years. I've been collecting for 35 years, longer than you've been alive. My biggest loss however, came on April 28, 2002 at 7:35 p.m. In 5 minutes I lost close to 200 plants when our house and yard was in the path of an F4 tornado. The entire top of the house was blown off, we lost our barn, which fell on our truck. I had just moved a lot of plants from inside to outside for the coming summer and they were just gone. But I started again, and now again, have probably too many plants. I have been to the Toronto Cactus Society show many years ago. At that time I knew David Naylor of the Toronto C&S Society. If you have the chance ask someone with the society if David is still active. Tell them Bob Stewart from the Washington,D.C. C&S Society says hi. Thanks. I think your blog is great and look forward to hearing about your adventures. Thanks for commenting. I'm new to blogging and just trying to learn my way around.