Sunday, May 19, 2013

I haven't sown lithops seed in nearly five years.  I've been concentrating on other plants, primarily the cactus genus Astrophytum.  However, since discovering the Lithops Stories blog a few weeks ago, and reading through many of the blog post, I planted a pot of lithops seeds 8 days ago.  I collected a seed L. lesliei vhorniicapsule from Lithops lesliei v. hornii C364 (shown on the right) and planted about 50 seeds in a 7 x 7 cm pot.  Yesterday the first 4 seedlings came up.  It is simply exciting to see those tine green specks begin to show up between the small pieces of seed germination media.     The capsule was the result of open pollination so I'm not certain these seedlings will be pure L. lesliei v. hornii but it will be interesting to see what develops. There were several other plants of L. lesliei vhornii in flower at the time.  Now I will have to be tough and control the urge to sow even more seed.  I will keep telling myself, "there's no more space, there's no more space."

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