Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Old Cactus Friend

Epithelantha micromeris  (The Button Cactus)

My old Button Cactus celebrates its 20th birthday this year.  In 1993 I planted 20 seeds from Mesa Garden Seeds and had nine seeds germinate.  By the time the seedlings were big enough for transplanting, there were only four remaining alive.  Only two of those survived the transplanting.  Those two seedlings grew well and developed into attractive young plants.  Unfortunately, in 2002 the tornado that visited our home claimed one of those two, and now this is the sole survivor.  What you see is survival of the fittest, or maybe luckiest. It has flowered and fruited faithfully for the past nine years, and now with a cluster of offsets all around, it is a grand old matriarch.   

I was glad to get a photo of the fruit.  Usually by the end of June the birds have made a meal of it.    


  1. It is magnificient plant!!! She is a real beauty!
    As i understood from the story she is 20 years old!
    My is only 5. I wish it long life and beautiful flowers :)
    Also i red your story about tornado... It`s terrible! I sympathize with you in your sorrow...

  2. Thank you Aleksey. It is one of my favorite cacti. Yes, the tornado event was not very pleasant. I didn't worry too much about the plants, because losing the house, our barn, and our truck, was much more important. Nature can be very tough sometimes. Your Epithelantha will grow larger and more attractive each year. Soon you will have an old friend too. :)