Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After a Long Winter Rest


Prepodesma  orpenii


The former Aloinopsis orpenii, now Prepodesma orpenii, has spent a long, cold winter in my over-wintering heated frames.  The electric heaters did their job and kept the minimum temperature in the 40-43 F. ( 4.5-6.0 C) range, but because of the consistently cold weather, I was unable to open the frames on a regular basis and all the plants received very little water and spent a very dry winter.  Most cacti, and other succulents handle, maybe even prefer, a dry winter, but small plants, and winter flowering plants, need a little water over the winter.  I usually give Prepodesma orpenii some water beginning in mid to late February, but this year that was not possible.  Nevertheless, it has come through the winter ok, and is now budding up and preparing to flower.  These little mesembs are tough indeed.


  1. The more upright leaves give the impression of harder growth. I have one that looks like that. I am not sure if I have watered it less but it is not flowering.

  2. Hi Alain. Well, it has certainly been grown hard. Very dry, a lot of light, and warm days and cold nights. My over wintering frames are situated to receive sunlight for most of the day in winter. Thus, if a plant is mature and relatively healthy, it will flower. Even my Fraileas flower well when they spend the summer outside.

  3. The photos are beautiful and the plant is exemplary! This is how it supposed to look - like flames!

    Wished mine were this well-shaped :)

  4. Thanks Rika. Yep, I think it looks nice, but I had very little to do with it, except providing a winter location where it received a lot of light, little if any water, and cold night temperatures. However, in a way this is probably close to what it might receive in habitat. I think a little more water would have been good for it. Wait until you get your greenhouse; all your plants will be exemplary. ;)