Saturday, December 14, 2013



Haworthia mirabilis var. badia

 Along with lithops, haworthias are one of my favorite succulent plants.  They are relatively small, easy to grow, and come in a variety of forms, textures, and colors.  Haworthias don't require the high light intensity many succulents need, however, I like the stronger colors that develop under lots of sun.  Such is the case with Haworthia mirabilis var. badia
This particular plant was a gift from a friend that specializes in haworthias.  The variety name "badia" means reddish-brown.


  1. Pretty good looking plant! Never saw a brown H. before.

  2. Thanks Sanny. It has a natural light brown color, but more sun strengthens the color. The other nice feature of this variety is the natural gloss to the leaves. It's a very pretty plant.

  3. Nice colour. I like to give good light but there is always the possibility of scorch after a period of dull weather.

    1. I have to deal with the scorch threat every spring when the plants that over wintered in the house come back outside. I generally cover them with two layers of window screening for the first week. I remove one layer and they stay under the single layer for another week, and be the end of the second week they are ready for the sun. In spring and summer we never get an extended overcast period long enough to threaten scorch when the sun comes back out. I think I do give my haworthias a little too much light and not enough water sometimes. I tend to be a chronic under-waterer.

  4. I also tend to under watering. Spring can bring days of overcast weather then a very sunny day which can be a problem.